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by : Mr. Rohit Shrivastav      3 Comments
OMG! You Won’t Believe Why F1 Visa Was Rejected 9 Times
05 Jun 2013
Rohit Srivastav posted his F1 visa interview experience in Happy Schools Blog Facebook Group. His F1 Visa rejected 9 times after several trips to Hyderabad and Chennai consulates. There are ton of good lessons to be learned from the Visa officers answers and Rohit''s answers. PS: I have
by : Mr. Rohit Shrivastav      1 Comments
In this era of changing environment of coaching for engineering and medical
06 Jun 2013
In this era of changing environment of coaching for engineering and medical entrance with continuous improvement and implementation of new guidelines and syllabus, students often loose the right path and ask, " what is the right way for success? "
by : Mr. Rohit Shrivastav      0 Comments
NEET 2018
20 Mar 2018
Dont be afraid with High Cut-off in NEET You Have to focus Only on NCERT & Class Notes... If You belongs to General Category You have to Score 550+ The marks Break Up will Physics-110 Chemistry-140 Bio-300+
by : Mr. Rohit Shrivastav      0 Comments
29 Mar 2018
As aI always think proper planning is must for revision, I suggest you to make some schedule for this 7–8 days about what you will study every day. Modify following topics according to your convenience. This are the topics you should give preference while revising: Physics: Thermodynamics SHM(Simple Harmonic Motion) Work energy problems Gravitation, Potential energy concepts Waves Center of mass Moment of inertia Optics, prism, YDSE Modern physics(NCERT and H C Verma) EMI and AC Current electricity (Very important) Capacitance Magnetism Kinematics If possible: Rotation Fluid Maths: Calculus (yes, it''s easy and scoring) including differential equations Conic section Matrix and determinant Complex numbers Probability and P&C Statistics and other related topics(from Boards book) Vector and 3D Chemistry: NCERT organic and inorganic Practice formulas and simple questions of physical specially equilibrium, thermodynamics and chemical kinetics.
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